Welcome to MetricsDAO! We are a community of data analysts who provide Web3 organizations with on-demand data insights and tooling. Our 3-step analytics process allows us to tap hundreds of talented analysts with the speed and flexibility this space needs to succeed.

Anyone can take part in our analytics bounty programs, sourcing questions, answering them or reviewing others'. Our focus as a community is on knowledge sharing and mentorship so that anyone can grow as a Web3 data analyst!

How It Works

  1. Community Brainstorming We source questions from community members and turn the most upvoted ones into bounties. Anyone can submit questions and upvote others’. Learn more about community brainstorms.
  2. Analytics Questions are turned into actionable bounties for analysts to solve by creating analytics, tools and/or content. MetricsDAO is vendor-neutral: Questions can be solved using any data providers and tools you’d like. Try to make quality dashboards that last! Once you've completed a bounty, submit it using the form linked on the project page.
  3. Peer Review If your dashboard is submitted on time and passes our Reviewers evaluation, you'll be rewarded with crypto, usually a combination of stablecoins, xMETRIC, and the partner’s native token.


Further information about the DAO can be found here: docs.metricsdao.xyz

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