MetricsDAO unites analytical minds to solve the greatest challenges facing blockchain ecosystems.

⭐ We believe that equal access to on-chain data, regardless of provider, is necessary to answer the most pressing questions for decentralized organizations.

⭐ We believe that empowering analysts, irrespective of financial or geographic circumstance, will unleash groundbreaking solutions and innovations for the entire blockchain ecosystem.

⭐ We believe that a new operating system connecting DAOs with analysts will fuel the Organized Power Usage needed to drive the next era of Web3 development.


To achieve our mission, MetricsDAO will launch a token ($METRIC) that is utilized by a protocol that automates and simplifies the traditionally labor-intensive process of analytics development.  To deliver on this, MetricsDAO will provide analysts with world class data resources, educational opportunities and problems to solve, all while earning native tokens.  Analysts will have the ability to transform their skillset while working on inspiring blockchain challenges.

MetricsDAO will do this through a strong organizational structure, enablement of data partners, access to interesting projects, an orderly bounty system with real challenges to solve, and a governance process that oversees changes to the protocol - all while working toward full decentralization over time.

Q1 2022

Q2 2022